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My dear fellow readers
Recently I wrote a comment on a post about Greta Thunberg, denounced by the author as „Rotzbalk“ which means something like ,,Brat“ or Snot and it is a negative slang Word.
I would like to insert the Facebooklink to the post in my blog, who is interested why the author chose these words, because  that has a true story.
It was actually my comment only that I find it sad that we still choose such words for each other … ..
Then I got some Emails, as feedbacks and ansers to my writen statement.
I do not really want to go into everything now, but among other things, the plot of this girl is questioned and I was advised to get more information and research myself in the net about the background of Greta. The whole thing was then accompanied by another lady with a video contribution, which should open my eyes.
Then there was an answer from the blogger who told me that Greta’s campaign is called „Friday for Future“ and that they start with the initials FFF and this letter comes in at 6 and the number is 666 and that there are dark forces behind it. Honestly, there was a time when I thought so extreme. But the last months i did start do rethink and question it once more..
I then allowed myself to open my PDF and look under the number codes what this 666 means.
For me, life here on earth always has two sides, like a medal, and I have learned to listen more to my inner feelings / perceptions, because the information in the web is not necessarily helpful when I research and I can say about myself that I question a lot, which annoys my friends often 🤣
Often that’s one reason why I pulled myself back extremely and no longer like to comment on anything.
I have thought that I would like to pass this on publicly and also here I ask you to accept only for you, what you feel and accept for you, because that everyone can decide for themselves.
Thank you for your work and action 💓
Your Gabriele


Me; My comment on Greta Thunberg and the numbers 666 … FFF …

First of all thanks for the effort you made me to submit the video.
Only hours ago I wanted to write so much but it is suddenly no longer possible.
I do not know what task Greta has with her actions and do, nor do I know the background, nor do I know the family of her. This soul will also have its mission here on earth, and I think that every soul that is here at the present time belongs to the Divine Great Plan. It is far from my feelings to impose on anyone here.
Who knows anything?
The web is full of information and everyone fishes out where he / she thinks it could be the truth. I was also not interested in Greta’s involvement in all that doing and working, nor did I want to have a discussion about it or even make waves with my comment.
I have no power for it right now, as I manage to do the Cosmic energies that are swirling down on all of us, not to mention all the other process that everyone is going through in this time of big Change.
My husband and I also discussed today about Greta, etc.
We have come to the decision that every person just feels it differently and
that this is no longer relevant.
Someone once told me that I should only be an observer and concentrate on my way. I did not listen to it back then.
Today, however, I do.

I’m reluctant to go into anything lately, as I often experience that people are even attacking me.

You know, I do not understand that many say they are awake and still condemn so much
I try to practice letting everyone do what they think is right.
Because everyone in the world will always disagree with people here.
Nature itself shows us that no branch is like the next and much more.
You should also just look at how far a soul has developed.
that is in many subjects like this … ..
After all, you do not get a manual after we are Born.
It always scares me, even when I start questioning and researching things, I never really get an answer.
But when I go into it, like today after reading you and Mrs. X, I get the answers that satisfy me. It is a loud and yet soft voice that is quiet in dialogue with in me.
Only the commentary on the written version was just the only one with the author, who called Greta a brat.
I do not believe that as long as we choose such words, we are far from achieving what we all long for.

to me about the FFF movement … (I leave the names unwritten out of respect)


Dear Gabriele!

So I strongly advise you to inform yourself a bit more – WHY and especially for who this girl works in truth! 👍👍👍

Friday For Future – FFF = 666. , , , , ,

WE DO NOT pay tribute to this movement !!!

My answer to that …

Me; I do not quite understand this is about the number combination? If so, here’s what the numbers have to mean synonymous …
Symbol: „Garden of Eden“, healing of the fall (Adam / Eve), the healing of the united Mary
– Jesus – power, to overcome the inner separation, to the highest
Light up, opening for the highest grace, solving debt issues, conscious
Decide for the highest service in humility and well-being
Of the whole…

Blogger; The answer from the blogger …

So honestly – WE DO NOT know where you got THAT meaning for these numbers ⁉⁉⁉ 🤷♀️

Bible – Epiphany – 666 is the number of the beast, the anti-Christian – SATAN !!!

Those who have the mark of the beast on their foreheads – today – have a chip of the dark forces – are saved, alla others (WE) the good ones & not chipped – are destroyed !!!

THAT is the agenda of the Dark Cabal, the Archon. , ,

HERE on the blog published a number of disclosure texts especially for this Grete theme!

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to repeat all the facts here by comment, because you have to read it yourself! If you want to continue / inform – you can find enough material !!! 😉

Last but not least my answer to the blogger ..

yes love ……., the bible says …
I’m just trying to show that a medal always has two sides.
Too bad that you had the feeling that my statement is negative regarding the numbers.
I see it so that everything has a vibration and energy.
Depending on what we think and feel, we can transform these energies into positive or negative ones.

We create the World.
Why do we give so much power and attention to these dark energies?
Aren´t we on the way of  a big Change?

now it is the time where we can transform so much into something beautiful.
I thought so too for a while.
But my feeling or whatever you call it has changed.

I can not say anything about these chips.  I also had these energy chips in me from birth on and these were removed several years ago.

May I ask where the information comes from that the good ones are not saved?

That’s not what I believe.
But it’s okay if you feel that way for you. So I do not mean that in the negative.
My information is different.

The numbers I’ve ever found on the internet and a lot of what I could observe has turned out so ……

Dear hearted to you ……. 🌹💕😘


And everything that I have answered and read dear reader, that’s what I have so absorbed with my heart ….

in love 💖

Facebook message about the statement of Greta, the user … ..


translated for you….

Hello everybody!!! Something deeply shook me this week !!!!!!!! I stood on a rest area on the highway while I made my driving time break .. The now retirees on the highways to collect bottles, unfortunately, is nothing new … But now it comes .. Shortly before the end of my break, I was about Dispose of my garbage in the trash bin .. When I came to the bin, the older man spoke to me, if the bread I was about to dispose of is still edible !!!!! He told me that his pension barely reaches to life and he already has bottles together- That after more than 45 years working in Germany .. I replied that the bread was no longer the freshest, but probably still edible … I took him to my truck and gave him bread, sausage and whatever else I had left. Since my fridge is always sufficiently filled, it was no problem for me to give it off .. I gave him another 10 euros. PEOPLE wakes up !!!!! In a few years, we will all flourish if we do not begin to defend ourselves against the compulsory. After each election, these Politschmarotzer increase their diets. Types that would not even survive the probationary in the free industry call themselves elite and are over our welfare and woe .. We as citizens have no opportunity to act against the prescribed nonsense or as it should be in a democracy to vote on whether this approach is right or not .. This is the country of the Fr Merkel says it’s the country where we live well and like to live .. If people in old age are forced to either continue to work, if they can still or collect bottles and look for edible food in trash, something goes awry. I can Guessing you finally wake up and start fighting. We should all solidarize because it will be most of us in not too distant future If a 16-year-old snot manages to call on the youth to truancy and wake up the snares in the parliaments, it should be easy for us .. Whether Yellow West whatever it is high time to do something … Me the throat bursts with anger and powerlessness .. Please share that much and often you can .. Thanks ..


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