The Experience that was a Miracle for me back in 2010

Bild von mir im schlaf selbst kreiert

There’s so much to tell, it’s too much to write all this at once.

I would like to share a story with you, which I was allowed to experience.
It’s been some years, I think it was around Summer in 2010.
I woke up one morning in my Bedroom and I was in a lot of pain.
I had this pain a few days before, but that day it was extremely severe.
So I started in a half awake state and i prayed to God and begged him to take this pain away from me.

I must have fallen asleep again when I woke up.
I was half awake and half sleepy, in a kind of twilight state.
I looked around and saw myself lying in the bedroom and next to me my friend was sleeping deep and sound.

I suddenly felt a strong Breeze and it was not from this World.
Then I heard a loud Voice, but it was somehow far away but still very powerful.
This Voice lovingly said the following sentence to me,

„I am with you, have no fear, i will help you“.

Then I saw like a kind of dark shadow vanish from my Body
Like dark Veils rising in the air.
I still remember it very well, as if it had only happened yesterday.
And this Wind around me, I could hear it loud.
To my right I heard like a Bang and this Dark Substance disappeared into the Ground net below my Bed.

The whole thing repeated itself three times.
I woke up then somehow again, it seemed so real.
I am sure that Jesus had helped me.
I woke up my Husband and i asked him,  if he threw a pillow at me because my mind was looking for an explanation.
Even though I knew this was really happening, it kind of scared me back then.
Because there was also the thought, that it was something that might have wanted to harm me.
But after a conversation with my girlfriend, who told me that I should feel blessed, i could finally accept the gift that Heaven had given me.

The pain was gone that day, by the way.

Many years later I had another experience, which I would like to save for another time.

I wish that you could gain Strength and Hope from this Event i experienced and the Confidence that a Higher Loving Source would Guide us.

In deep Love to all Souls and your Courage to come here



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