Feedback to the momentary energies of our bio-body and the symptoms…..

pizap-com143502781494831.jpgThe last days I observe heatflashes on me again and again at certain times, which express themselves as if I was in a Sauna. Several nightly walks to the toilet (every two hours) to let water.
The bones hurt as if I had a sore muscle.
Last week Monday to Wednesday I went to sleep at 9 pm, because I was overcome by drowsiness, which I had to give in to.
Often it was influenced by the fact that I woke up after 3 to 4 hours and couldn’t fall back into sleep.
Dreams are even more intense than before and often I reunite with many who have already departed, or have gone into another dimension.
Many dreams of the ocean and of waves or water in general. This shows the waves of energy that are released through our bodies and our spirits.
It also shows our emotional state. Depending on how we feel and which thoughts, as well as experiences we have, our dream world appears.
My dreams with baths have changed during the last years. I am no longer in the last row of many people (mostly women) who have to go to the toilet or want to take a bath.
Often I could not find a toilet in the past dreams, they were either too high or too small for me.
Usually such dreams indicate extreme purification of the body.
My spin-dizziness has increased. They come so unexpectedly and thank God mostly when I lie down. There is a carousel nothing against the speed with which the room rotates around me 😄

From headaches to neck pain, the last few days have also seen an increase in the number of people coming back.

Skin rashes I last had as a teenager showed up.

Also that my hands from out of nothing suddenly hurt. Every finger I moved was painful, but this only lasted a short moment, then this symptom was gone again ☺️

I’ve had emotional outbursts the last few days.
Tears flowed for no reason, or I was suddenly in a bad mood.

Last night was a big challenge for me.
Between 8 and 9 o’clock in the evening an enormous tiredness came over me. This was the same last week, as I explained above.
I couldn’t help myself and had to lie down.
After about 15 minutes I froze so badly that I had never frozen in my life before. My chest was hurting too. Three warm blankets could not warm me. I was shaking and torturing myself.
Only around 3 o’clock in the early night, this cold had been overcome and I felt exhausted and my body heated up like a hot oven.
My dreams were so real and I often did not know what reality was and what was not.

The cosmic waves that are supposed to reach us are still increasing in intensity.
So we can only do one thing, take care of one another and take good care of ourselves. Everything else time and space have also changed for me. Routine everyday things have changed enormously in terms of time.
Here then perhaps the acceptance of this transformation is important!
We are allowed to newly orient ourselves. That is the process of transition.

I wish us all a pleasant time and for our further way of the consciousness change much love and easiness 💖

Your Gabriele


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