Schumann Frequency changes, Did we Shift in another Dimension?

I had a dream that was so real that I thought I was really experiencing it.
In this dream vision I woke up to look at the Schumann frequencies, which I actually do in this physical world.
The values looked so beautiful, I saw in the middle range, a colored curve shaped like an egg.
And next to it I saw a shape like a Mandala, in different shapes and colors.
I immediately thought of the flower of life.
In my dream I saw in the Schumann Scala, the time 10am
A voice then told me, everything is good, it is a new world and you can see it here, but not in the physical world.
There everything is blacked out to hide it with the intention that people don’t realize it.
I was also shown the following date, 22.01.2020
That’s all the information I have.
When I woke up I immediately looked at my cell phone, because I was
not sure if I really experienced it here in my conscious state.

Then I saw that everything was still marked black, except for the colorful column in the middle.

I have created an image at Picmix to show you what I saw.

I believe that we have ascended into another dimension and therefore we experience so many new things.

All my love for you

Veröffentlicht von Die Neue Welt

Die Wahrheit leben

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