A vision of a Man beating a woman and suddenly stops after praying…


I greet you, wonderful Soul Travellers.
A few days ago I had a Dream that was so real, that I would like to share it with you.
Many of you know that we go on a Soul journey in our sleep.
From my Childhood I was allowed to experience Dream journeys.
The most osomfull ones were always those, where I flew as a child on a broom through my hometown ?
I had been able to see everything and flew over the roofs and the People beneath me.
I found that very enjoyable.
Now back to my Dream a few days ago…..
I was travelling with a Woman with whom I had contact many years ago.
She is Italian and had this nationality in my Dream also.
We carried a plate with Food with us.
The friend of mine then went to a House and outside was a man standing.
They apparently knew each other.I suddenly saw how the man attacked my friend and slapped her.
She fell on her knees in front of him and asked him for mercy.
I didn’t understand why she put up with it because she had done something very kind.
When i suddenly felt an energy behind me.
So when i turned around there was another man who knew my friend and the angry man, so he told me.
I asked him, why he does not interfere?
The answer from him was; There is nothing you can do, it is always like that and the man runs sadly away.
I shout at him and said; you have to do something, you cannot just run off?
Then I suddenly felt something with in me and that Feeling was so strong.
So i started running towards that man, who was still beating the woman.
I began to say ,,Our Prayer to the Holy Father“ before him.
The man let go of the woman and knelt down before me.
He looked at me and i recognized that his Eyes were Glowing so bright.
Then he said to me, „Thank you for saving me, I am finally free
and he cried for joy. I patted him over his head and told him that I was very Happy about it.
After that we saw each other a few more times and he was a Lovely and Friendly man that all People liked.
This Dream was the Greatest Gift for me, because I think that with the help of Jesus i was able to save his Soul.
That is the Reason why I like to go on Soul journeys so much.
Thank you, O Loving Holy Father, for letting me do this in your name and for letting me do this Mission.
God’s blessing on all your Journeys my Fellows 💖


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